Read More, Walk More (But Not At the Same Time)

Sooner or later, your baby boy learned to walk and read. Now, he takes these basic life skills for granted, and so do you. In fact, you probably have for a very long time.

During the months of June, July, and August, the days are longer and the nights are brighter. This means more hours of sunlight even after the dinner dishes have been washed, dried, and put away. And, whether you enjoy solitude or the company of others, there is always something fun you can do outside. Leave your wallet tucked away in your back pocket; the best things in life are free.

When did you last pick up a book? Many moons ago, you treated your son to numerous bedtime stories; now is the time to treat yourself. Reading relaxes your body and exercises your mind.

No money? No problem. Revisit your bookshelves. You will likely come across some all-time favorites worthy of another read and, if you are lucky, a few books you never started or finished.

If you are eager to broaden your horizons, check your local library. Or, if your family members and friends are anything like mine, they will be more than happy to lend you a book or two.

Now that you are reading again, you might as well give walking a chance. Walking is a great way to remain active and, if you do it often enough, lose weight. If you choose to walk alone, you can take in the scenery and listen to music.

Feeling chatty? Give your best buddy — or, better yet, dear old dad — a call. He is probably looking for something to do after dinner. The two of you can talk — about anything and everything — while you walk. The moment you take to the pavement, your boredom and that of your companion will instantly be cured. And, neither one of you will have spent a single penny.

So, if and when you find yourself in need of a fun and free summertime activity, remember to take advantage of what you take for granted.

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