[POEM] A Grandfather’s Contributions

grandfather-toastBoy, when you need laughter, go call up
your grandfather.  He may be as rusty as
a 1948 Buick Eight convertible, but his
jokes will be as fresh and new to you as
each pair of sneakers your mother got
you for the advent of every school year.

Boy, when you need guidance, go knock
on your grandfather’s door.  He may be
as traditional as a Swiss Army knife, but
his words will resonate within you, like
the very first time your father read you a
bedtime story in his favorite rocking chair.

Boy, when you need company, go walk
right through your grandfather’s door.  He
may be as outdated as a Johnny Mathis
record, but his presence will inspire you.
Was it not he who informed you that even
in times of solitude, you are never alone?

“A Grandfather’s Contributions” is one of several poems written by Jared Scott Tesler, who, having been blessed with three grandfathers of his own, knows just how special the relationship between a boy and his grandfather can truly be.

Title image credit: Sean Dreilinger – Article image credit: Sean Dreilinger

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