PODCAST #6: At-Home Dads, Postpartum Depression

Hey guys! Mike Austin (RadioDAD.com) has been a bit under-the-weather, but just came through with our latest podcast, episode #6! Including:

– An interview about At-Home Dads, and

– Interview with Shoshana Bennett, expert on Postpartum Depression…

Enjoy! -TFL

DOWNLOAD: PODCAST #6: At-Home Dads, Shoshana Bennett Interview re: Post Partum Depression (9.1MB, 12/23/08)

Image by: Jean Scheijen, SXC

1 thought on “PODCAST #6: At-Home Dads, Postpartum Depression

  1. Great stuff Ben.

    I’m a stay at home Dad. Been this way for two years.

    It has helped my boy beyond belief. To not would have scared him for life.

    Hasn’t helped the finances though, I will say.

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