PODCAST #4: Dig This + Peg Tyre (The Trouble With Boys) Interview

Mike Austin (RadioDAD) and TheFatherLife bring you podcast #4! This week’s Podcast brings us a number of interviews…

– An interview with Ed Mumm who runs a business in Colorado allowing Husbands, Wives, Kids… to all get on heavy construction equipment and work out their relationship frustrations! (Seriously!) The business is called DIG THIS you can check them out at: 20TonsOfFun.com

– Also, a heartwarming little story about a couple married 68 years who recently died just a few hours apart… in separate nursing homes.

– Then we wrap with an interview with PEG TYRE, an investigative journalist who’s worked with CNN and others. She just wrote a book called The Trouble With Boys about how boys are being over diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and don’t do as well as girls in school because they are no longer allowed to play cowboys & indians, army or even tag!

Enjoy the listen! -TFL

Download: Episode 4: Dig This! (9.1MB, 10/14/08)

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