Peel Back the Layers of the Millenium Falcon

The simple review is that this book was an awesome experience for me. I have been a Star Wars fan since the first time I saw Episode IV when I was 10. The Millennium Falcon is an icon of the series and stands for the “less than honorable” side of the rebellion.

Tons of material in the book and I loved the format. It is laid out in layer-by-layer slices of the ship so that every time you turn the page you peel back another layer of the ship. There was way too much info in it to list here, but suffice it to say that if a general fan had any question about that ship; it was answered in this book. Colorful and engaging, the layout was very well done so that it has a top-down “RTS” feel to it; RTS being games like Starcraft, Civilization, Risk and the like.

The information is geared towards the elementary student around 8-10 years old. I appreciated the inclusion of Han Solo’s “notes” on his “special modifications” of his ship. With shots from the movies and stories of different missions, this is an appropriate and exciting introduction to the Star Wards universe. My only detraction is that there are not other ships detailed in this way. I would love to see a Star Destroyer, Tie Fighter or even the Death Star. But then, I may never get any work done ever again…

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