[Osburn On Tap] Strange Brews

It’s time to get a little wacky. As Frank Reynolds would say, “I don’t know how many years in this Earth I’ve got left. I’mOsburn on Tap by Chris Osburn gonna get real weird with it”. I’m tired of the normal every day beer and I’ve grown weary of yellow, fizzy water brew. It’s time to leave my comfort zone, explore and find out what else is out there.

It appears that many brewers agree with my craving for something more exciting in the world of beer. Multiple breweries have added over-the-top, goofy beer styles to their repertoire. Some of the odd ingredients include Oysters, Chili peppers, milk and one that includes excavated ingredients from an ancient Egyptian tomb.

The Porterhouse Brewing Company’s Oyster Stout: This 5.2% ABV Irish stout is actually brewed with oyster shells. When I first heard about it, I assumed it tasted like Budweiser’s beer and clamato combination brew. I’ve never ventured to try this, but I have heard that it is the most awful tasting alcoholic beverage in the history of the World. Luckily, Porterhouse’s Oyster Stout doesn’t taste like oysters. You probably wouldn’t even notice they were used in the brewing process if you didn’t know.

 Pizza Beer Company Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer: I love pizza and I love beer. So, why not enjoy them together at the same time? Personally, I would rather just make the pizza dough with beer. But, that wouldn’t be strange enough for this article. This beer is actually made from pizza. According to the company’s website: a margarita pizza is made into a mash and steeped like a tea bag. They actually use a real pizza in the process. I just figured they threw the ingredients in and hoped for the best. The pizza has tomatoes, oregano, basil and garlic on it. The rest of the process is really complicated and just makes it sound kind of gross. This beer is 4.6% ABV and shouldn’t be tried if you can’t handle a brew with a strange spicy, buttery taste.

Original C Cave Creek Chili Beer: This beer might be a little too strange (and spicy) for the average craft beer fan. It’s only 4.2% ABV. But, what it lacks in alcohol, it makes up for in heat and odd flavor. The first thing you would notice about the bottle is the fact that there is actually a chili pepper floating in the beer. The flavor is similar to a poor man’s corona or sol, but with a ton of heat. The flavor is way too intense for most people to handle. I doubt the average person can even finish a whole bottle.

Tutankhamen Ale: This is actually the most expensive bottle of beer in the World. The first bottle sold for an estimated $7,686 at an auction. There is a reason for this. This might be the strangest beer ever brewed. Archaeologists from Cambridge, along with Scottish and Newcastle breweries developed this beer from brewing remnants found in ancient jars in the Sun Temple of Queen Nefertiti. They only made 1,000 bottles and sold them for auction at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Here are some other very strange brews:

 Kwispelbier: A non-alcoholic beef flavored beer from the Netherlands. Oh yea, it’s only for dogs.

Bilk: A Japanese beer that mixes beer with milk. Apparently, the Japanese people weren’t consuming enough milk. It only made sense to mix milk with beer because everybody loves beer. Now the Japanese can build strong bones while being drunk.

*This article originally appeared on drinkingmadeeasy.com. Chris writes a bi-weekly article for this online drinking magazine.

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