The Father Life reviewed some NOBIS gear last year and were VERY impressed, so when they sent along their winter catalog we were excited to get our paws on some more of their incredible gear! Plus, with the Upstate New York winter in full, bone-chilling swing, it was the perfect time to put their products through the wringer to see if they were not only fashionable, but functional as well.

Nobis sent along 3 pieces – their Mr. Prepared Knit Hat, their Mr. Trapper Cap, and their Mr. V-Neck Neck Warmer.

We weren’t disappointed.

I used each of these pieces outdoors for mountain biking and trail running in the snow as well as ice skating and sledding with the kids. I thought I liked Nobis before? I’m in love now!

NOBIS Mr. Prepared Knit Hat

The Mr. Prepared Knit Hat ($65 retail) is my new favorite, hands down! First, it looks manly. The thick knot weave is just bad-ass. It’s made of cashmere and lambswool, so it’s incredibly soft and comfortable. The microfleece lined band adds additional warmth and comfort – even in sub-zero degree weather. And, you know how most knit hats only come down over part of your ear – leaving the bottom part out in the cold? …Mr. Prepared has a perfect cut that keeps your ears warm the way a hat like this should. Perfection.

The Mr. Trapper Cap ($58 retail) is just cool. It offers all the comfort and warmth of a full-on north woods trapper hat… without the extra bulk. It fits like a cap and is extremely warm. I like that it’s just different enough to be a conversation piece without being a novelty. It’s a well-executed piece.

The Mr. V-Neck Neck Warmer ($30 retail) is one of my favorite pieces of cold-weather gear now. A scarf is nice for heading to the office, but when you’re active outdoors you want something that stays put. This neck warmer is very functional, very warm, and very soft (acrylic).

I should figure that since Nobis hails from Canada, they would know how to do cold weather gear. They sure do. The pieces we tested were impressive and the rest of their winter collection is top notch as well. Their materials often include heavy knits, cashmere, tough nylons, down fill, coyote fur, etc… all married to expert design that is both functional and turns heads. To say they pay attention to detail would be an understatement. The quality of construction is solid and I’ve never had a problem with any of their products.

So, what’s next? I’m heading up to the Adirondacks to do some winter climbing next month… the Nobis gear is definitely coming along – which means I think highly enough of Nobis to trust their gear for my warmth and comfort up in the mountains.

Check out more at: Website –, and on Facebook/Nobis.

The opinions expressed in this review are those of the author alone, who received no other compensation beside the items reviewed.

Nobis sent along 3 pieces – their Mr. Prepared Knit Hat ($65), their Mr. Trapper Cap ($58), and their Mr. V-Neck Neck Warmer.

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