NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

NFL Power Rankings

There are big changes in the rankings this week. The Titans, who have held the top spot for pretty much the whole season, have been bounced by the upstart Steelers. The only other time Tennessee wasn’t holding a tight grip on the top spot was in weeks 6, 13 and 14. The top spot was taken by the Giants during those weeks. The G-men are the only other team to sit at the top of my rankings, so Pittsburgh climbing to the top of the mountain this late in the season changes the whole AFC playoff outlook tremendously.

Many analysts believe that the Titans have drastically over achieved this season and are not the team to beat heading into the post season. They may not even be the second best team in the AFC. That title probably goes to Peyton Manning and the Colts. They seemed to come out of nowhere in winning seven games in a row. They might even be the best team in the NFL right now.

Team TW LW Record
1 4 11-3 The cardiac kids pull out another one in the waning minutes to prove that they may be the team to beat in the AFC right now.
2 1 12-2 Still haven’t clinched home field advantage, big game against the Steelers this week.
3 3 11-3 Imagine how good Steve Smith would be if he wasn’t only 5 foot 7.
4 7 10-4 The Colts may never ever lose again.
5 2 11-3 Holy cow, Eli Manning got sacked eight times by the Cowboys. They have to figure out what went wrong, fast.
6 6 9-5 The Ravens and the Falcons are two teams that are really over achieving this season.
7 8 9-5 Best way to get off the shnide: Play the Buffalo Bills.
8 9 9-5 I guess the ‘Boys have other receivers besides Jason Witten and Terrell Owens.
9 10 9-5 Does any team in the NFL have a better running back and wide receiver duo than Roddy White and Michael Turner?
10 5 9-5 Look out Ocho Cinco, Bucs defensive end Greg White oficially changed his name to Stylez G. White in honor of the greatest movie of all time, Teen Wolf.
11 12 9-5 The AFC East traffic jam continues.
12 13 9-5 The ‘Fins defense has only given up 24 points during their three game win streak.
13 15 9-5 When did Tarvaris Jackson become Randall Cunningham?
14 11 8-6 Arizona might finish 8-8 and still host a playoff game, yuck.
15 14 8-6 The least good playoff team EVER.
16 18 8-6 This week’s new silly NFL nickname: Robbie “Elliot” Gould.
17 16 8-5-1 Bad news for everyone who team name doesn’t rhyme with shmeegles: Brian Westbrook is almost 100%.
18 17 7-7 The ‘Skins have hit a new low: they lost to the Bungles.
19 21 7-7 Andre Johnson is officially the best wideout in the NFL and the Texans waited way too long to show how good they are.
20 19 7-7 Dan Marino can start to breath a little easier, Drew Brees is probably not going to break the passing record (5,084). He’s on pace for 4,944 passing yards.
21 24 6-8 Another case of too little, too late.
22 20 5-9 Back to earth after close loss to the Dolphins.
23 22 6-8 For some reason, the loss to the Jets reminded me of Phil Connors meeting Ned Ryerson over and over again in Groundhog Day.
24 23 5-9 What else is there to do in Green Bay on a Sunday?
25 25 5-9 Won at home for the first time since September. That won’t get you into the playoffs.
26 26 4-10 When is Romeo Crennel going to blow up in his post game interviews like Mike Gundy? It has to be soon.
27 28 3-11 If I was former offensive Line coach James Cregg, I’d leave for Tennessee too.
28 29 3-11 Seattle won the “Toilet Bowl” against the Rams. Hooray!
29 27 2-12 Long removed from the “Greatest Show on Turf.”
30 30 2-12 After this week the Chiefs really look like a team that wants the #2 pick in the draft.
31 31 2-11-1 Looked a lot more like a team fighting for a playoff spot than the hapless Redskins.
32 32 0-14 Is it more impressive to go undefeated or winless?

Article image by: Paige Foster, SXC

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