NFL Power Rankings: Week 14

NFL Power Rankings

I don’t think anyone will disagree with me that this year’s crop of Thanksgiving NFL games had to be one of the worst in history. The Titans beat the hapless Lions by 37 points, the Cowboys beat the sad Seahawks by 25, and the one game that was supposed to be decent ended with the Eagles trouncing the shell-shocked Cardinals by 28, proving once again that there is some kind of Voodoo curse that won’t let Arizona win a game on the east coast.

Please, Commissioner Goodell, for the sake of every other market besides Dallas and Detroit, make Thanksgiving a flex schedule. Set it up so that whichever teams match up the best, and are preferably still in the playoff hunt, face each other next year. Never can I remember a year where it was so easy to fall asleep on the couch after dinner.

New York Giants1.
(1) New York Giants [11-1]: Pull their win streak to seven after second dismantling of the ‘Skins this season.

Tenessee Titans2. (2) Tennessee Titans [11-1]: Lendale White is tied with Michael Turner for the NFL lead with 13 rushing touchdowns.

Carolina Panthers3. (4) Carolina Panthers [9-3]: Does Julius Peppers have his own line of preserved hot peppers? Please, Julius, you’re sitting on a gold mine.

Pittsburgh Steelers4. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers [9-3]: Has anyone ever heard of James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley? Because they have combined for 25.5 sacks this year… and the Chiefs whole team still only has six.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers5. (6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers [9-3]: Jeff Garcia rushed for more yards than the Saints starting running back on Sunday. Did I mention that he’s 38 years old?

New York Jets6. (3) New York Jets [8-4]: Just when we thought the Jets were going to take the reigns in the AFC, they get trampled by a bucking Bronco.

Indianapolis Colts7. (13) Indianapolis Colts [8-4]: Have you seen the new Peyton Manning MasterCard commercial that plays during NFL games? It’s hilarious.

Dallas Cowboys8. (10) Dallas Cowboys [8-4]: Can someone explain to me how Adam “Pacman” Jones is still in the NFL?

Atlanta Falcons9. (11) Atlanta Falcons [8-4]: Does anyone call Roddy White, “Rowdy” Roddy White? They do now.

Baltimore Ravens10. (12) Baltimore Ravens [8-4]: The only thing Mark Clayton didn’t do on Sunday was block a punt and return it for a touchdown while wearing a blindfold.

Arizona Cardinals11. (7) Arizona Cardinals [7-5]: The Cards are really lucky every other team in their division is just plain terrible, because they aren’t looking so hot lately.

New England Patriots12. (8) New England Patriots [7-5]: The Pats are finally looking like the team that everyone thought they would be sans Tom Brady.

Washington Redksins13. (9) Washington Redskins [7-5]: Maybe the Redskins didn’t have their heads in the game on Sunday because they were wondering about who Obama was going to pick for his cabinet.

Miami Dolphins14. (14) Miami Dolphins [7-5]: How unfair is it that the Bills have to play a “home” game against the Dolphins in the friendly heated confines of the Rogers Centre in Toronto?

Denver Broncos15. (19) Denver Broncos [7-5]: Jake Cutler “made it rain” against the weak Jets secondary literally and figuratively.

Minnesota Vikings16. (20) Minnesota Vikings [7-5]: John Randle was inducted into the Vikings “Ring of Honor” on Sunday. It’s only a matter of time before he’s inducted into the “Worlds most awesome eye black Hall of Fame.”

Chicago Bears17. (15) Chicago Bears [6-6]: Daaa Bears are like a roast beef sandwich with no bread, because they can’t seem to get on any type of roll whatsoever.

New Orleans Saints18. (16) New Orleans Saints [6-6]: I just saw a pop-up ad that read: “According to the internet, you’ve never punched a shark.” It’s as if the internet can read my mind.

Philadelphia Eagles19. (18) Philadelphia Eagles [6-5-1]: Back in the hunt after ruining my Thanksgiving.

Green Bay Packers20. (21) Green Bay Packers [5-7]: Is it too late to un-trade Brett Favre?

Buffalo Bills21. (17) Buffalo Bills [6-6]: After the Bills lose to the ‘Fins this weekend, look for a lot more Sabres paraphernalia being worn in Western New York.

Houston Texans22. (24) Houston Texans [5-7]: Steve Slaton rules at being awesome and those red uniforms are sick.

Jacksonville Jaguars23.
(22) Jacksonville Jaguars [4-8]: At 5 foot 5 and 210, Maurice Jones-Drew might be completely round.

San Diego Chargers24. (23) San Diego Chargers [4-8]: Is it possible that there is a Campbell’s chunky soup curse? LaDainian Tomlinson and the Seahawk’s Matt Hasselbeck are both having lousy seasons.

San Francisco 49ers25. (25) San Francisco 49ers [4-8]: The Niner’s didn’t even have 200 yards of total offense and got out gained by just under 200, yet they managed to leave Orchard Park with a “W.”

Cleveland Browns26. (26) Cleveland Browns [4-8]: Cleveland: The only NFL city that makes Buffalo not seem so bad.

St. Louis Rams27. (28) St. Louis Rams [2-10]: How did the Rams beat Dallas and Washington?

Oakland Raiders28. (27) Oakland Raiders [3-9]: The Raiders spanked the Broncos last week and Denver beat up on the Jets this week. Therefore, the Raiders are at least the sixth best team in the NFL, right?

Seattle Seahawks29. (29) Seattle Seahawks [2-10]: Very exciting game against the Rams coming up in two weeks. Ben Folds would call it “The battle of who could care less”.

Kansas City Chiefs30. (31) Kansas City Chiefs [2-10]: Don’t look now, but the Chiefs are charging up the rankings. Look out, Seahawks!

Cincinnati Bengals31. (30) Cincinnati Bengals [1-10-1]: Chad Johnson leads a long list of wide receivers that just vanished off the face of the statistical earth this season.

Detroit Lions32. (32) Detroit Lions [0-12]: This is just getting silly.

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