NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 7

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an email

Team TW LW
New Orleans Saints 1 1 Drew Brees and co. were down by 21 points and came back to win. It’s official, Brees is an evil robot sent from the future bent on global domination.
Indianapolis Colts 2 3 Will the Colts be the still undefeated team to go 16-0?
Denver Broncos 3 4 The Broncos season is going so well, Brandon Marshall is going to take a break to host “Sports Soup” on versus next Tuesday.
Minnesota Vikings 4 2 Favre looked like he wasn’t a day over thirty-seven in a strong losing effort.
New England Patriots 5 5 Pats have scored 94 points while giving up only 7 in the past two games.
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 6 Big win against the Vikes, now they have the undefeated Broncos.
New York Giants 7 8 Two straight losses to good teams. Are the G-men actually in the bottom half of the league talent wise?
Atlanta Falcons 8 7 What’s the deal with Michael Turner? Was last season a fluke or have defenses figured him out?
Cincinnati Bengals 9 9 Carson Palmer looked like Carson Palmer last week. Nice change of pace.
Philadelphia Eagles 10 10 Should Brian Westbrook really get the green light this week after his concussion? I don’t.
Dallas Cowboys 11 11 Miles Austin has 421 yards receiving in his last two games, he only had 354 in his three previous seasons in the NFL.
Baltimore Ravens 12 13 0-3 after a 3-0 start.
San Diego Chargers 13 14 You stay classy, San Diego.
San Francisco 49ers 14 12 I like Alex Smith to Michael Crabtree. It just sounds right.
New York Jets 15 15 The Jets were thumping Oaktown so bad on Sunday that Jets QB Mark Sanchez took a break to eat a hotdog on the sideline.
Green Bay Packers 16 16 How will the fans react to Favre’s return to the not yet) frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.
Arizona Cardinals 17 18 The Cards could easily be 9-2 when they face the Vikes on December 6th.
Houston Texans 18 19 Does first ever 4-3 start equal the playoffs?
Chicago Bears 19 17 Cedric Benson ran wild on the Bears defense. Lucky for them, they have the Browns next.
Jacksonville Jaguars 20 21 The Jags were off last weekend, but still dropped from 30th to 31st in pass defense. That’s no fun.
Miami Dolphins 21 20 Chad Henne stinks, they should exclusively run the “wildfish”.
Buffalo Bills 22 24 Jairus Byrd’s four interceptions in two weeks = my new favorite player.
Seattle Seahawks 23 23 Seattle’s offensive line is in shambles, poor Matt Hasselbeck.
Carolina Panthers 24 22 Kenny Moore’s late fumble probably made Roscoe Parrish feel a little bit better.
Oakland Raiders 25 25 JaMarcus Russell is still the starting QB for the Raiders. They should just push that whole organization into San Francisco Bay.
Detroit Lions 26 26 Jason Hanson for team MVP?
Cleveland Browns 27 27 How did the Broiwns beat the Bills? This is one of the most miserable teams in a league with way too many miserable teams.
Washington Redskins 28 28 Best sign at the Redskins/Eagles Monday tilt” I rather be at bingo c’mon man.”
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29 29 Maybe it’s time to actually have two teams that reasonably match up play in England.
Kansas City Chiefs 30 30 Matt Cassel is still not having any fun.
St. Louis Rams 31 31 Future home of Sam Bradford?
tTenessee Titans 32 32 The Titans owner wants Vince Young to start. Why isn’t he?

3 thoughts on “NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 7

  1. I humbly accept the Giants position. I think it is part of their DNA to have some hiccups in their season though. Look for a strong showing against Philly to get back on track.

  2. The G-men are not a lost cause for sure, but they need to beat a decent team before I’ll give them any props. I would be very surprised if they don’t have a strong showing against philly.

    The Titans may as well give Vince Young a shot before his confidence is completely gone for good.

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