NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 6

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an

Team TW LW
New Orleans Saints 1 1 Proved that they are for real after shellacking of G-men
Minnesota Vikings 2 2 This is the first time that Brett has started a season 6-0 in his career.
Indianapolis Colts 3 3 The Colts are still flying under the radar even though Manning is averaging 329 passing yards per game.
Denver Broncos 4 5 The Broncos are looking like the NFL’s version of the USFL Philadelphia Stars.
New England Patriots 5 7 Wow, I was quite wrong about tom Brady’s psyche last week, he’s a maniac.
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 14 The Steelers are rolling, but their last two opponents have a combined 2-10 record.
Atlanta Falcons 7 8 The Falcons might be the quietest one loss team in the NFL.
New York Giants 8 4 Are the Giants even a playoff team? They had a laughably easy schedule before New Orleans.
Cincinnati Bengals 9 11 OchoCinco showed up to play, but barely anyone else did.
Philadelphia Eagles 10 6 What the heck? A loss to the Raiders, I was so hoping to make fun of them.
Dallas Cowboys 11 12 Had a nice bye week to prepare for Hotlanta.
San Francisco 49ers 12 13 Get your popcorn ready, Michael Crabtree makes his debut this weekend.
Baltimore Ravens 13 10 This Ravens team just doesn’t seem ready to turn the corner to the big boys table.
San Diego Chargers 14 15 The Chargers are the Colorado Rockies of the NFL. A team that starts with no direction, but somehow seems to make the playoffs.
New York Jets 15 9 Mark Sanchez is now starring in the hit NBC series, The not yet ready for prime time players.
Green Bay Packers 16 16 After dismantling the Lions, they have the Browns before a big test against Minnesota
Chicago Bears 17 17 Daaaa’ Bears are sorely missing Brian Urlacher.
Arizona Cardinals 18 18 67 year-old Kurt Warner probably already lives in a sweet retirement community in Arizona, so he can just play for the Cards forever..
Houston Texans 19 19 Matt Schaub had almost 400 yards passing against the Bengals. Will the Texans go 4-3 for the first time ever?
Miami Dolphins 20 20 The ‘Fins receiver production makes Buffalo’s debacle not look so bad.
Jacksonville Jaguars 21 21 I bet the Rams wish they still had Torry Holt.
Carolina Panthers 22 22 The Panthers run like Usain Bolt, but throw like Jessica Simpson.
Seattle Seahawks 23 23 Just like we thought, the Seahawks aren’t good.
Buffalo Bills 24 29 The Bills need to dump Trent Edwards like Jamie Lynn Siegler dumped Turtle.
Oakland Raiders 25 26 Whatever happened to Darrius Heyward-Bey?
Detroit Lions 26 25 I guarantee that the Lions won’t lose this week….they have a bye.
Cleveland Browns 27 28 Whoever this Mohamed Massaquoi character is, he’s probably the best player on the Browns.
Washington Redskins 28 24 Continuing to start Jason Campbell is a worse call than Tim McClelland not calling Robinson Cano out at third base.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29 30 Paying tribute to the Buccaneers teams of the 80’s by trying their best to look as much like them on the field.
Kansas City Chiefs 30 31 Who wants to bet that if someone invents a time machine Matt Cassel will be the first person to buy one?
St. Louis Rams 31 32 The Rams are sadder than a Pedigree commercial narrated by David Duchovny.
Tenessee Titans 32 27 Did Jeff Fisher really wear a Peyton Manning jersey at a Nashville area event?

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