NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 3

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an email

Team TW LW Record
New Orleans Saints 1 1 3-0 The Bills shut down Drew Brees, but the Saints offense always finds a way to win.
New York Jets 2 6 3-0 Mark Sanchez looked like a real leader after his rushing touchdown on Sunday.
Baltimore Ravens 3 4 3-0 Joe Flacco is averaging just under 300 passing yards per game, that’s a big step up from the 185 he averaged last year.
Minnesota Vikings 4 5 3-0 Brett Favre tossed a 32 yard touchdown to Greg Lewis with: 02 seconds left to win last week. So, what about Brett Favrah??
Indianapolis Colts 5 7 3-0 Finally got a big win and showed that they are a contender. Should be 4-0 after Seattle comes to town.
Denver Broncos 6 6 3-0 As Larry David would say the Broncos defense is pretty pretty pretty pretty good.
New York Giants 7 8 3-0 The G-men are probably better than seventh, but they still have to prove it to me.
Dallas Cowboys 8 11 2-1 No Marion Barber, no problem. Felix “the cat” Jones ran for 94 yards on only eight carries.
Philadelphia Eagles 9 12 2-1 Kevin Kolb has the most passing yards in his first two games (718) since the beginning of the Super Bowl era.
San Diego Chargers 10 15 2-1 When is Tomlinson coming back?
New England Patriots 11 19 2-1 Huge game at Baltimore this week.
Atlanta Falcons 12 3 2-1 Brought back down to earth after big loss to the Patriots. How good are the Falcons?
Green Bay Packers 13 14 2-1 Saucy Monday night football match up with the Vikes this week.
Pittsburgh Steelers 14 9 1-2 Not remotely as bad as a 1-2 team.
San Francisco 49ers 15 13 2-1 Rough last second loss to the Vikings.
Chicago Bears 16 21 2-1 Do you think any of Johnny Knox’s team mates ad “Ville” at the end of his name?
Cincinnati Bengals 17 22 2-1 This looks like a completely different team from last year (That’s a good thing).
Tenessee Titans 18 17 0-3 0-5 in the last five. What’s different from their 10-0 start last year?
Arizona Cardinals 19 18 1-2 Will the Cards find a way to limp into the playoffs this year or have they been lapped by the Niners?
Buffalo Bills 20 11 1-2 Now that Marshawn Lynch is back from his suspension, who is the starting running back?
Miami Dolphins 21 20 0-3 With Pennington on the shelf for the rest of the year, the ‘Fins traded for KC’s Tyler Thigpen and have Chad Henne set to start. Can you say quarterback controversy?
Seattle Seahawks 22 16 1-2 How about those amazing neon green jerseys. I loved them almost as much as I love the bright red uni’s the Texans wear.
Houston Texans 23 28 1-2 Steve Slaton is ruining my fantasy football team.
Jacksonville Jaguars 24 29 1-2 Maurice Jones-Drew better have taken out his offensive line for a big steak dinner after last week’s win.
Detroit Lions 25 30 1-2 What what what!?! The Lions won a game.
Washington Redskins 26 23 1-2 They have to feel pretty bad about being the first team to lose to Detroit since 2007.
Oakland Raiders 27 24 1-2 The Raiders should have signed Mike Vick.
Carolina Panthers 28 25 1-2 Are the Panthers this year’s supposedly good team who only win five games?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29 26 0-3 The Bucs defense is giving up 30.3 points per game. That won’t win you many.
Kansas City Chiefs 30 27 0-3 Do you think that Matt Cassel would rather be starting for this awful team or holding the clipboard for the Pats?
St. Louis Rams 31 31 0-3 I’ve never heard of any of the Rams wideouts. Maybe that’s their problem.
Cleveland Browns 32 30 0-3 Derek Anderson gets the nod at QB this week. I don’t think it would matter if the Hamburglar took snaps for this team.

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4 thoughts on “NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 3

  1. I love NFL power rankings. So many comments to make…

    1. The Saints showed some real vulnerability… if the Bills offense wasn’t inept, that game could have gone the other direction.

    2. You really think the Chargers are better than the Pats, Falcons, and Packers?

    3. San Fran is lookin’ good. Nice to see that for a change.

    4. Bengals 2-1? Really? Is that possible?

    5. The Bucs should be better than this… I imagine their pride will kick in soon and they’ll start turning things around.

  2. I think I’m the only writer who has the Saints #1 and the G-men not in the top five.

    I do think the chargers are better than those teams. It might be that I am blinded by my hatred of Tom Brady though, but the Bolts will be nastay when Tomlinson is completely healthy.

    The Falcons should be a playoff team, but I’m not convinced the Packers are for real.

    I don’t have a lot of faith in the Niners in the long run, but anything can happen in the NFC West.

    The Bengals are one play away from being 3-0 (now that’s crazy).

    I love the feedback as I am far from perfect when it comes to these rankings.

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