NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 2

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an email:

Team TW LW Record
New Orleans Saints 1 1 2-0 The Saints offense is ridiculous, but will their atrocious defense be their undoing?
New York Jets 2 6 2-0 Kerry Rhodes and the Jets didn’t embarrass Tom Brady, but they did pull out the win.
Atlanta Falcons 3 3 2-0 No sophomore slump for Matt Ryan, he’s already got five touchdowns.
Baltimore Ravens 4 4 2-0 Ray Rice and Willis McGahee are as good of a combination as there is in the NFL.
Minnesota Vikings 5 11 2-0 You think a lot of GM’s are pissed they didn’t draft Adrian Peterson now?
Denver Broncos 6 16 2-0 Elvis Dumervil sounds like one of Chevy Chase’s alter ego’s in Fletch.
Indianapolis Colts 7 8 2-0 The Colts are 2-0, but I see them falling fast.
New York Giants 8 10 2-0 Former Giant, Plaxico Burress, was sentenced to two years in prison on Tuesday.
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 2 1-1 The Steelers have what I call a failure to have any type of offense whatsoever.
Dallas Cowboys 10 13 1-1 Just like a nerd pantsed at the high school dance in front of all of his friends, New York ruined Dallas’ homecoming.
Buffalo Bills 11 19 1-1 The Bills, like the appeal of Carrot top, are a giant mystery.
Philadelphia Eagles 12 7 1-1 Countdown to Vick: over.
San Francisco 49ers 13 15 2-0 Holy cow, Frank Gore followed up his 22 carry 30 yard performance with a 16 carry 207 yard performance.
Green Bay Packers 14 14 1-1 The packers need to get healthy fast or else it’s going to be a long season.
San Diego Chargers 15 9 1-1 Phil Rivers threw for a career high 436 yards last week, but a stuff on fourth down led to their demise.
Seattle Seahawks 16 17 1-1 Qwest field is the place that dreams go to die.
Tenessee Titans 17 12 0-2 Will the Titans pull the ‘ol switcharoo and start off 0-10? Doubtful.
Arizona Cardinals 18 18 1-1 74 year-old Kurt Warner broke the all-time NFL passing percentage record, completing 92.3% against the hapless Jags.
New England Patriots 19 5 1-1 Is it too soon to start an Entourage jinx rumor? I mean, Eric Mangini was a good coach before he made an appearance on The Sopranos.
Miami Dolphins 20 21 0-2 Are the Fin’s going to follow in the Rays footsteps and not live up to the hype?
Chicago Bears 21 23 1-1 Ginormous win for the boys from Chi-town this week.
Cincinnati Bengals 22 29 1-1 Bungles no more? What a pickup castaway Cedric Benson was.
Washington Redskins 23 24 1-1 Should the ‘Skins be happy that they won on Sunday or scared that they only beat the Rams 9-7?
Oakland Raiders 24 26 1-1 The Raaaaaiders shouldn’t be too happy with their magically crappy win over the Chiefs.
Carolina Panthers 25 25 0-2 I thought the Panthers were supposed to be good.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26 20 0-2 This is going to be a long year for new Bucs coach Raheem Morris.
Kansas City Chiefs 27 27 0-2 Wow, JaMarcus Russell only complete 7 of 24 passes and the Chiefs held the Raiders to 166 total yards…and still lost the game. Time to pack it up boys.
Houston Texans 28 28 0-2 Its official, Steve Slaton is in a sophomore slump. When will he get out of it?
Jacksonville Jaguars 29 22 0-2 Apparently, the Jags have a bunch of Pop Warner kids in their secondary.
Detroit Lions 30 32 0-2 Stop the presses! The Lions are out of the basement, but they still haven’t won a game since week sixteen…in 2007.
St. Louis Rams 31 31 0-2 Nothing can be said about the Rams that hasn’t already been said about Spencer Pratt.
Cleveland Browns 32 30 0-2 Whoever owns the Browns probably wants to pull an Art Modell and leave town…without the team.

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