NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 16

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an

Team TW LW
Indianapolis Colts 1 1 Did the Colts break NFL rules by pulling their starters in the third quarter?
San Diego Chargers 2 4 The Bolts have won ten in a row and are scarier than the Colts in my humble opinion.
New Orleans Saints 3 2 The Saints have dropped two spots in two weeks and are doing like Culture Club as they “Tumble for you”.
Minnesota Vikings 4 3 How good are the Vikings? Is the rift between Favre and Childress actually resolved?
Philadelphia Eagles 5 5 Call Donovan McNabb Escalade because he’s still got wheels.
Green Bay Packers 6 6 The Packers just might be the best team in the NFC. Especially if a team has to travel to Lambeau for a playoff game.
New England Patriots 7 7 I hate Bill Belichick more than I hate Blue Cheese. That’s a lot.
Cincinnati Bengals 8 8 Cedric Benson not being named a pro bowler is a bigger robbery than the Lufthansa Heist.
Dallas Cowboys 9 9 Wow, and people thought the Cowboys would find a way to blow it. Don’t worry; they can still make you cry in the playoffs.
Arizona Cardinals 10 10 Now that the Cardinals look like a decent NFC team, they’ll probably get stomped in the playoffs.
New York Jets 11 17 Trash talking between Darrelle Revis and Chad Ochocinco on twitter before this week’s game. Let’s hope Chad doesn’t get stuck on “Revis Island”
Houston Texans 12 20 It will be hilarious when the Texans finish 9-7 (their best record ever) and still don’t make the playoffs.
Pittsburgh Steelers 13 15 The Steelers deserve to make the playoffs as much as Mike Leach deserves an award for his humility and integrity.
Baltimore Ravens 14 13 The Ravens seem to be the only team playing themselves right out of the playoffs.
Denver Broncos 15 11 Whoops, I spoke to soon. After three straight losses the Broncos are also playing themselves out of a playoff spot.
New York Giants 16 12 As Mike Myers says in Mystery Alaska, the G-men are “done like dinner.”
Jacksonville Jaguars 17 14 Coulda, shoulda, didn’ta.
Miami Dolphins 18 16 Ouch, two straight close losses. Hello, golf!
Tenessee Titans 19 18 7-1 in their last eight would seem like a playoff team. Too bad they started the season 0-6.
Atlanta Falcons 20 19 Terrific Shellacking of Buffalo, not that it’s very difficult these days.
San Francisco 49ers 21 21 Hey, the niners might finish .500. That’ll do, donkey.
Carolina Panthers 22 22 That was just rude of the Panthers to embarrass the Giants in New York’s last game ever in Giants stadium.
Chicago Bears 23 23 I don’t know who Hunter Hillenmeyer is, but he had a pretty nasty game last week (13 tackles and a forced fumble).
Seattle Seahawks 24 24 The Seahawks were so bad on Sunday that when they returned to Seattle, they were sent straight to bed and didn’t even get to stop at Starbucks on the way home.
Cleveland Browns 25 28 Was Derek Anderson’s Pro Bowl season a complete fluke?
Oakland Raiders 26 26 I don’t about know about ya’ll but I like Charlie Frye
Buffalo Bills 27 25 Aaron Schobel had a sack hat-trick against the falcons. He has ten on the year, but the bleakness of playing in Buffalo has him contemplating retirement at 32.
Washington Redskins 28 27 Albert Haynesworth is so overweight that he has to iron his Redskins uniform in the driveway.
Kansas City Chiefs 29 29 At least the Chiefs will get a good draft pick.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30 31 I just want to mention Cadillac Williams here not only because is he the reason the Bucs won this week, but because his name is completely awesome.
Detroit Lions 31 30 These Lions are about as ferocious as a bowl of Cheerios.
St. Louis Rams 32 32 I just watched a marathon of the HBO show Eastbound and down. I suggest you do the same instead of watching this week’s Rams game.

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