NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 14

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an

Team TW LW
New Orleans Saints 1 1 Perhaps the Saints are winning close games on purpose so fans don’t get bored. Yea right.
Indianapolis Colts 2 2 The Colts have won an NFL record 22 straight regular season games. On a side note, the Bills have a one game winning streak.
Minnesota Vikings 3 3 My fantasy football team “WhatAboutBrettFavrah” finished 4-9 and scored the least amount of points in the league. It’s not Favre’s fault though.
San Diego Chargers 4 5 The Bolts have won eight straight games. In that span, Phillip Rivers has completed over seventy percent of his passes.
Philadelphia Eagles 5 10 Big jump up the rankings by Illadelphia after a big win over the G-men.
Green Bay Packers 6 11 Charles Woodson should win NFL defensive player of the year.
Cincinnati Bengals 7 4 It’s a bad day when Carson Palmer throws for almost the same amount of yards as Ryan “Lord Helmet” Fitzpatrick, his former backup.
Dallas Cowboys 8 6 Wow, you know you have a bad history when you are 8-5 and analysts still aren’t sold on you as a playoff team.
New England Patriots 9 8 I don’t enjoy the fact that Randy Moss gets paid millions to only try when he feels like it and I’m eating mac and cheese from a box while I type this.
Denver Broncos 10 7 Brandon Marshall is nasty good. He had 21 catches on Sunday.
Arizona Cardinals 11 9 Frank Gore ran all over the Cards defense for 167 yards. He had only had 117 in his previous three games combined.
New York Giants 12 12 Ok, I take last week’s comments back. Commence Poseidon sticking trident into the Giants.
Jacksonville Jaguars 13 14 Jags put a hurtin’ on the Rams just like they should.
Miami Dolphins 14 18 Ricky Williams must be getting amped up by watching Half Baked before games, because he’s tearing it up.
New York Jets 15 19 Best nickname in sports: Larry “H to the” Izzo.
Baltimore Ravens 16 17 Ray Rice is my favorite player in the NFL. He’s like the little engine that could.
Pittsburgh Steelers 17 13 Five losses in a row = mass confusion as to why the defending champs are so terrible.
Tenessee Titans 18 15 Dickerson watch: Chris Johnson needs 479 yards in his next three games to break the season rushing record.
Atlanta Falcons 19 16 You got to love Tony Gonzalez. He never complained in KC even though his team was a perennial loser. Now he’s in Atlanta under .500 and he’s still just happy to be playing the game he loves.
Houston Texans 20 20 Why isn’t Steve Slaton getting the bulk of the touches? What’s with this runningback by committee?
San Francisco 49ers 21 21 This NFL season has hit a new high of improbability after the Niners romp of the Cards.
Chicago Bears 22 22 Olin Kreutz is one bad mother…shut your mouth!
Carolina Panthers 23 23 I thought that the Panthers offense was supposed be there strength. Why is it their weakness?
Seattle Seahawks 24 24 Two game win streak snapped by having to play an actual decent team. Albeit a maddeningly under performing one.
Buffalo Bills 25 25 Unbelievable stat of the day: The Bills lead the NFL with 25 interceptions.
Oakland Raiders 26 26 My buddy D.J., on the recent acquisition of J.P. Losman by the raiders: “Time to take away Al Davis’ drivers license. He’s officially insane.”
Washington Redskins 27 27 Rookie DE Brian Orakpo had four sacks on Sunday against the Raiders. He’s got eleven on the season.
Kansas City Chiefs 28 28 The Chiefs out-uglied the Bills. That aint easy.
Detroit Lions 29 29 I guess you could call this season a success since the Lions have already won way more games (2) than last season (0).
Cleveland Browns 30 32 Dear Mike Holmgren, don’t get associated with Cleveland. That team’s a sinking ship.
St. Louis Rams 31 30 Ryan Leaf’s former protégé started for the Rams and threw five picks…and Ryan Leaf is still in jail.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32 31 At one point last season the Bucs were 9-2. Since then, they are a paltry 1-17.

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4 thoughts on “NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 14

  1. I understand that The Browns somehow beat the Bills, but Buffalo has five wins and would no doubt beat the Browns if they played them again. the Lions are ahead because I really think that if those teams played it would be a toss up.

  2. You a Browns fan, Rugbymom? That takes more devotion that being a Bills fan! But I’d have to agree; even though the Bills found a way to lose to the Browns, I think overall the Bills are playing better this year. And I hadn’t heard Fitz referred to as “Lord Helmet” before. That’s hilarious!

  3. Chris, it’s a possibility they would, but they didn’t. So there! 😛

    Ben, you bet your sweet behind I am, and thanks for the compliment! As for the rest of what you said, blah-blah-blah… 😉

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