NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 12

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an

Team TW LW
New Orleans Saints 1 1 The only time two teams have started 11-0 EVER.
Indianapolis Colts 2 2 If the Colts and Saints play in the Superbowl, which of these QB’s would you rather have leading your team?
Minnesota Vikings 3 3 Brett Favre uses his mighty war hammer to battle the snake of Midgard…or the Arizona Cardinals.
Cincinnati Bengals 4 5 Just like Del Preston, nobody wants to run into an angry Bengal tiger in the middle of the night.
San Diego Chargers 5 6 Here comes the Super Chargers. They’ve been flying under the radar all year and are all of a sudden one of the best teams in the AFC.
New England Patriots 6 4 We learned two things about the Pats this week: They have no defense and they can’t win on the road (0-4).
Dallas Cowboys 7 7 Big Thanksgiving win over an extremely over matched Raiders team.
Denver Broncos 8 10 Nice romp over the most over rated team in the NFL (NY).
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 8 Dennis Dixon played great in defeat, but it’s back to Big Ben this week.
Arizona Cardinals 10 9 Don’t feel bad, all of a sudden nobody can beat the Titans.
Philadelphia Eagles 11 11 I like it when J.D. rides Turk piggy back and yells “Eeeeeeagle!” on Scrubs.
Green Bay Packers 12 13 The Packers just signed a tight end named Tom Crabtree. Is he as good as Michael Crabtree? Highly unlikely..
New York Giants 13 12 What is wrong with the G-men?
Tenessee Titans 14 18 The Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine continues with their last second win over Arizona, their fifth straight triumph.
Atlanta Falcons 15 14 I guess Chris Redman still plays football and somehow he’s actually pretty good at it.
Baltimore Ravens 16 17 In Flacco we trust.
Jacksonville Jaguars 17 15 The Jaguars are more disappointing than New Coke.
Houston Texans 18 16 Did NOT bring it against the Colts. Looks like the Texans are doomed for the purgatory of .500ish until For-E-Ver.
San Francisco 49ers 19 22 Too little too late is a phrase I’d use to describe this Niners season if I was a pessimist.
Miami Dolphins 20 19 I hate the Dolphins so much that I was glad when Snow Flake got kidnapped.
New York Jets 21 20 Apparently Joe Girardi taught Mark Sanchez how to slide. I think it would just be better if he never ran.
Chicago Bears 22 21 The Bears season is sinking like a lead filled Titanic.
Buffalo Bills 23 24 Ryan Fitzpatrick-and his giant bobble head-ran for 50 yards on Sunday, including a 31 yard touchdown scamper.
Carolina Panthers 24 23 Former Pro Bowl QB Jake Delhomme has 8 TD’s and 18 INT’s. That’s right Eight-freakin’-teen!
Seattle Seahawks 25 25 Maybe the Seahawks should re-sign Peter Warrick. He’s playing for the Bloomington Extreme of the Indoor Football League.
Oakland Raiders 26 26 It’s time for Darren Mcfadden to be the full-time wildcat quarterback. Run nothing but the wildcat.
Washington Redskins 27 27 Dear Dan Snyder, sell the Redskins to someone who knows remotely how to run a professional sports franchise let alone a Dairy Queen.
Kansas City Chiefs 28 28 Chiefs: Most recent team to get embarrassed by the Chargers.
Detroit Lions 29 29 You probably had to watch the terrible Lions on Thanksgiving. Now check out the greatest holiday movie off all-time. Christmas Vacation is airing all week on AMC.
St. Louis Rams 30 T-32 Worst.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 T-32 Worster.
Cleveland Browns 32 T-32 Worstest.

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