NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 11

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an

Team TW LW
New Orleans Saints 1 1 Just like The Boondock Saints, the New Orleans Saints always come through in the clutch.
Indianapolis Colts 2 2 Peyton Manning is right off the pace for most yards in a season.
Minnesota Vikings 3 3 Brett Favre was 22-25 passing this week. This season is on the verge of being of my the best of his career.
New England Patriots 4 5 The Patriots should scare everyone.
Cincinnati Bengals 5 4 The Roscoe Parrish goat of the week: Andre Caldwell.
San Diego Chargers 6 10 At least the chargers didn’t wait until they were 3-7 to turn it around this season.
Dallas Cowboys 7 7 The ‘Boys five hundred billion dollar stadium will be on display on Thanksgiving for all to see.
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 6 The Steelers lost to the ‘Skins and might possibly say hello to Dennis Dixon as their starting QB. It’s been quite a week.
Arizona Cardinals 9 9 At least one big name concussed QB plans to play this week (Kurt Warner).
Denver Broncos 10 8 Kyle Orton with one leg is better than Chris Simms? Let’s face it, a one legged, one armed, one eyed flying purple people eater is better than Simms.
Philadelphia Eagles 11 12 Former Eagle Jon Runyan has decided to run for congress in New Jersey. If any state needs a good blocker, it’s Jersey.
New York Giants 12 13 Eli and the Giants are back. Hey, that sounds like the name of a wedding band.
Green Bay Packers 13 16 Here’s a prediction: the Packers will feast on Lions this Thanksgiving.
Atlanta Falcons 14 11 1-4 since 4-1. Which way will the team go now?
Jacksonville Jaguars 15 17 Mike Sims-Walker had 106 less yards receiving than Terrell Owens on Sunday, but his team won.
Houston Texans 16 15 Just when we all start to think that the Texans might jump into the playoff talk, they do the same thing they do every year.
Baltimore Ravens 17 14 Round out the losing AFC North teams. The whole division went 0-4 on Sunday.
Tenessee Titans 18 20 The Titans are doing so well even officials are high-fiveing Vince Young.
Miami Dolphins 19 21 Big win over Carolina somehow puts Miami back into the playoff chatter.
New York Jets 20 18 Mark Sanchez was 8-21 with 4 interceptions last week. Maybe it had something to do with a fire alarm being pulled in their hotel at 1 a.m. the night before.
Chicago Bears 21 19 I just can’t figure out these bears.
San Francisco 49ers 22 22 The 49ers decided to drop their tampering charge against the Jets. I guess they realize that they have a lot more to worry about.
Carolina Panthers 23 23 Say goodbye to your playoffs dreams.
Buffalo Bills 24 24 I’m positive the phrase “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.” Was written in reference to this franchise.
Seattle Seahawks 25 25 EXCITING match up with the Rams this week.
Oakland Raiders 26 26 Bruce Gradkowski and his Raiders beat the Steelers. Goodbye JaMarcus “overhyped” Russell.
Washington Redskins 27 27 For one their defense played well, but they just couldn’t score enough to win in losing 7-6 to Dallas.
Kansas City Chiefs 28 T-32 How did the Chiefs beat the Steelers sans Larry Johnson and Dwayne Bowe.
Detroit Lions 29 T-32 Yay, turkey, stuffing and the Detroit Lions. Thanksgiving doesn’t get any better. Oh wait, there are thirty-one ways that it could be better.
St. Louis Rams T-32 T-32 I almost feel like Kyle Boller might be a step up from Mark Bulger.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers T-32 T-32 Instead of continuing to watch the Bucs lose, why not DVR “The League” on FX and watch it instead.
Cleveland Browns T-32 T-32 Brady Quinn threw his support for Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis. I’m not sure how much clout a QB with a career passer rating of 68.5 has though.

Image credit: Paige Foster

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