NFL Power Rankings 2009: Week 1

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are back for a second season. Check back each week for updated rankings. Feel free to leave feedback about how wrong I am in the comments section or throw me an email

Team TW LW Record
New Orleans Saints 1 NR 1-0 Drew Brees is on pace for 96 touchdown passes this season. Too bad he can’t play the Lions every week.
Pittsburgh Steelers 2 NR 1-0 Ben Roethlisberger should buy Santonio Holmes a Roethlis-burger after his week one performance.
Atlanta Falcons 3 NR 1-0 Do you think Matt Ryan is glad he’s got Tony Gonzalez on his team? Uh, yea.
Baltimore Ravens 4 NR 1-0 Wow, that Joe Flacco has an arm. I don’t remember that from last year.
New England Patriots 5 NR 1-0 Sorry Jim Harbaugh, Tom Brady is the new Captain Comeback.
New York Jets 6 NR 1-0 Wow, is Mark Sanchez this year’s Matt Ryan?
Philadelphia Eagles 7 NR 1-0 How will Mcnabb’s injury hurt Philly? Is Vick primed to be the starter when he’s reinstated?
Indianapolis Colts 8 NR 1-0 The Colts offense looks to have lost a step without Dominic Rhodes and Marvin Harrison, but it’s ok because the defense is dirtay.
San Diego Chargers 9 NR 1-0 Let’s call him Philip “Steve Austin” Rivers, because he’s the $93 million dollar man.
New York Giants 10 NR 1-0 Is there a harder name to spell in the NFL than Osi Umenyiora?
Minnesota Vikings 11 NR 1-0 Brett Fav-rah had a great game plan. Hand it off to Adrian Peterson and let him run wild.
Tenessee Titans 12 NR 0-1 Not going to start off 10-0, but still look mighty good.
Dallas Cowboys 13 NR 1-0 Tony Romo got my fantasy team 26 points and led team “WhataboutBrettFavra” to victory this week. Who needs T.O.?
Green Bay Packers 14 NR 1-0 “Rodgers completes the pass to Jennings” is something we are going to hear a lot during the next few years.
San Francisco 49ers 15 NR 1-0 Frank Gore had 22 rushes for 30 yards. I’m pretty sure I could rush for 30 yards if you gave me 22 carries.
Denver Broncos 16 NR 1-0 Kyle Orton = better than Jay Cutler.
Seattle Seahawks 17 NR 1-0 John Carlson is the best tight end in the NFL. There, I said it. Go Notre Dame.
Arizona Cardinals 18 NR 0-1 The Cardinals are setting themselves up to barely make the playoffs again.
Buffalo Bills 19 NR 0-1 Same ol’ Buffalo Bills. More games like this and you can say hello to the Toronto Bills.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 NR 0-1 Tampa had 450 total yards and still lost. I thought the offense was the problem in the preseason.
Miami Dolphins 21 NR 0-1 The wildcat didn’t seem to scare the Falcon’s D. Has the rest of the league caught on?
Jacksonville Jaguars 22 NR 0-1 Tough loss. How they turn it around will decide whether they sit at the big boys table or the kiddies table.
Chicago Bears 23 NR 0-1 Sound the alarms! Brian Urlachers is out for the year and Jay Cutler is a bust. Too soon?
Washington Redskins 24 NR 0-1 London Fletcher is only five feet tall and still had 11 tackles on Sunday.
Carolina Panthers 25 NR 0-1 Jake Delhomme has eleven turnovers in his last two games. Ouch.
Oakland Raiders 26 NR 0-1 The Raiders almost looked like a real football team on Monday night.
Kansas City Chiefs 27 NR 0-1 Looked like last year’s Chiefs without savior Matt Cassel
Houston Texans 28 NR 0-1 Isn’t this supposed to be the year the Texans finally make the playoffs?
Cincinnati Bengals 29 NR 0-1 Ouch, the bungles lost on a tipped pass. Almost as bad of an ending as the Bills/Patriots.
Cleveland Browns 30 NR 0-1 2009 Browns: Just as terrible with Brady Quinn.
St. Louis Rams 31 NR 0-1 How the Rams didn’t end up in last place in my rankings I’ll never know.
Detroit Lions 32 NR 0-1 We find the Lions just where we left them, in last place.

Image credit: Paige Foster

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