New FM transmitter has trick up its sleeve

You’re probably familiar with FM transmitters, those small devices that plug into your MP3 player and let you listen to your music wirelessly on a nearby FM radio, such as a car stereo.

But you’re probably also aware it can be difficult to find an unused spot on the FM dial (especially in big cities) to hear your music clearly. Belkin has integrated a new technology called ClearScan into its TuneBase wireless FM transmitters, which can automatically seek out the clearest FM frequency to play your tunes.

So, for example, it might find that 93.7 FM is the best possible spot to hear your iPod music, while in another city it might be 101.1 FM, and so on. This is a much better idea than having to make your way down the FM dial, manually, through trial and error, to find a suitable frequency.

The Belkin TuneBase FM transmitters with ClearScan sell for about $59.

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