Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

It’s a historic day in the United States.  Every Presidential inauguration is historic, but this one has a sense of being ever so much more so.  For millions of Americans, a long-awaited hope is finally becoming reality.  For all Americans, change has come.

It is a remarkable thing in a power crazy world that the leadership of what is arguably the most powerful nation in the world can be peacefully transferred between opposing parties without scandal, protest, revolt, or coup.  There is no sense of intrigue, no concern the outgoing leadership might try to extend their power through a puppet leader.  There is no fear of a military rebellion.  There is just a transfer of power, and in four or eight years, there will be another.

We at The Father Life congratulate Barack Obama and welcome him to the Presidency.  And though this is always true, it is especially true today: we are proud to be Americans.

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