I’m one of the pathetic few who actually missed Daniel Craig‘s first appearance as James Bond in Casino Royale. So I declared a “guys night out” last week determined to catch the latest 007 flick QUANTUM OF SOLACE. I was not disappointed!

This is the second Bond film staring Daniel Craig, who many have said is one of the best Bonds ever, if not the best. I have to agree. His acting has a gritty, old-school feel; similar to a Steve McQueen or Paul Newman. Always cool and calm, Craig delivers a great performance in Quantum. Quantum continues the plot where Royale left off as Bond tries to find out who is behind the death of his love.

The action in Quantum is amazing; almost over-the-top in some places, but – hey – that’s a Bond movie! And they actually pull it off really well. There’s lots of great cars, great action, a complex enough plot (although it’s not going to stretch your brain too much).

One of the things I like most about this movie is the directing by Marc Forster, who also directed such films as Kite Runner, Finding Neverland, and Monster’s Ball. The shots move back and forth from close-up action packed footage to sweeping overviews of a scene; it’s an effect that lets you be part of the action in a way you can feel and than steps back to let you catch your breath and get a handle on the context of the scene. Some may find it distracting, but I really liked it.

Lastly, I was struck by the relevant social commentary in Quantum. It deals with the reality of our post-cold war world where terrorism and capitalism are often a blurred line. And where competition over our natural resources are an increasing source of power and corruption. I didn’t expect that undertone from an action flick, but found it refreshing.

Bottom line? Definitely worth seeing; call the guys and go catch Quantum before it exits the theater!

Ben MurphyBen Murphy is a husband, father, artist, and founder and CEO of The Father Life. He and his family live in upstate New York.

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