Mother’s Day Night Tips

With all the daily stress of being a mother, it’s sometimes hard for a woman to feel sexy. Constantly trying to juggle daily responsibilities, moms can get caught in the daily whirlwind and forget what sexiness really feels like.  Mother’s Day rolls around once a year, and it’s as much a day to celebrate womanhood as it is to celebrate family. Husbands can and should play a crucial role in helping mom feel like a sexy woman again. Just follow a few simple tips this holiday and you’ll be on your way to a happy Mother’s Day night.  And where did I get these tips?  From Astroglide Personal Lubricants, of all places!

  • Compliment her already! – You’ve been together for HOW MANY YEARS? When was the last time you paid her a compliment? Whether it’s about her appearance, something she worked hard on or just a simple, everyday thing, compliment her and make her feel good about herself.
  • Flowers and lightingIf you decide to When you finally buy her flowers, make sure that you get a few extra that you keep separate from the bouquet so that you can sprinkle the petals on the bed for a sensual bedroom experience. Bring some candles into the picture for some moodlighting, or if candles aren’t your thing, replace one or two of the regular lightbulbs with soft colored ones for a change of scenery.
  • Buy her a beauty day – There is no better way to help mom feel sexy than by treating her to a day of beauty. Buy your wife a day filled with manicures, haircuts, and massages to help her relax and get back in touch with her inner self.
  • Or you be the spa. Money is tight for many folks, so if sending her to a spa is out of the question, you can set up a hot relaxing bubble bath right in your own bathroom. Run the water for her, set the scene with some candles, flowers, her drink of choice and perhaps that latest best-seller that she’s been meaning to read. And after her bath, use her favorite body lotion and give her a full body massage . . . and take it as far as you want to go.
  • Send her out with friends – Nothing like a night on the town with friends to get a girl back in touch with her femininity. Plan a girl’s night for your wife and her friends for some adult conversation and fun.
  • Take her on a mini shopping spree at a lingerie store. There are inherent dangers in buying the wrong size and poor fitting lingerie for your leading lady, so it’s best to take her shopping for those special items. Even though it’s only you and she that get to see these goodies, knowing that she’s wearing beautiful, proper-fitting lingerie will not only lift her spirits but possibly her libido as well.

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