Manly Hair Coloring

Manly Hair Coloring

Getting your hair colored is not a topic you often hear men discussing.  If it wasn’t for the “Just for Men” TV commercials, you might no even know that men had the option.

Despite that history, more men are taking the plunge now and having some color applied to their locks.  Why?  I reached out to Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams® Hair Salons, to learn more.  Here’s what Pam had to say:

“Yes, some men look great in gray (ever seen how women swoon for George Clooney?), but for others it adds years beyond their true age.  Those with a full head of gray can ask their stylist for the ‘progressive method,’ which will gradually get them back to their original color. Of course, he can also ask the stylist for a complete color and dive right back in to the darker color of yesteryears.  Or add light colored highlights to help soften the face, giving him a more youthful look.   Beyond that, if your hair is thinning, coloring your hair will add thickness. It will also be shinier, which aids in the appearance of more hair. ”

If it’s your first time with hair color, resist the DIY urge and head to a salon.  Not only will you get the best results, you can pick up some tips for doing it on your own at home next time around.  In addition, Pam offers the following tips help you get the most out of your hair coloring:

“In order to keep the color vibrant, it’s important to follow a color care regimen.  Use shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for color treated hair, which will help in preventing color loss. Also, using a shine spray will accentuate and add shine to the color, and many add sunscreen for UV protection to help stop fading.”

If you’ve colored your hair before, what tips do you have to offer?  Leave them in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Manly Hair Coloring

  1. I just totally get the hair coloring thing. I’m a grown up. Why would I ever want to be confused for soem young, dumb bum? I’m already married, so it’s not like I need to impress chicks. My kids will always think I’m old, no matter how young I look or act. What really is the point of it?

    Embrace your age, dudes. It’s a sign of accomplishment. You survived long enough to GET gray hair. You didn’t overdose or crash a car, or get mauled by a wild animal or suffer any of a variety of other fates that have killed the younger and less fortunate.

    Men aren’t supposed to be pretty. We’re supposed to be manly. Did Reed Richards start dying his hair after he was mutated by Cosmic Rays and became “Mr Fantastic”? Sean Connery may have sported a wig in “The Hunt for Red October” but I’ll proudly point out it was a gray one.

    Old people are not feeble babies that need their bottoms wiped. They’re people who’ve been around longer and have learned more.

    And it could be worse. You could be bald.

  2. Ironic this came out just days before Obama was ‘outted’ for coloring his hair. 😉

    I’m curious if women notice that much. Single men attract women because of their confidence and sense of humor or intelligence; its not really as physical for women. Note: I say AS physical. A slight belly buldge or graying hair is not a turn off for women.

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