King of the Grill: BBQ Tips for Dad

A BBQ article in the middle of winter?

I know most of you love firing up your backyard grill on those warm summer days, but I even use my BBQ year-round up here in Northern Canada, where temperatures dip below -30 degrees Celsius (that’s -22 degrees Fahrenheit).

RECIPE: Homemade Calzones

One of the first things I learned to cook really well was a calzone. I mean, could make delicious omelets and french toast and cereal, and all of my family’s recipes, but when I started to like cooking, the first […]

5 Tips to Resist Holiday Sweets

If your workplace and friends and neighbors are anything like mine, there are an abundance of treats around to resist for the entire month of December. Clients bring tins of cookies and candies and popcorn to the office; acquaintances drop […]

Recipe: Chicken Cordon-Bleu

Though I’m aware of how very close Thanksgiving Day is, I’m uncertain whether sharing my family’s traditional feast is relevant to the world at large. Our meal, which bears a precise resemblance to our Christmas dinner, consists of the usual […]

The Art of Cooking: SMOOTHIES

Smoothies are the delicious calorie-contentious alternative to the sweet treats we crave any time of year. The growing popularity of these frothy be verages has earned them a home on drive-thru and coffee shop menus alike, and rightfully so. Who […]

Recipe: Banana-Apple Bread

For years, my mother has made the same delicious banana bread from the same beloved Betty Crocker cookbook. The result, too, is always the same. With that small slide of butter across the first slice, the steam and aroma rising […]