Laurie Beebe

Laurie Beebe is a registered dietitian with over 25 years of experience. She assists people from all walks of life in changing their diet for better health. Certified in Adult Weight Management, Laurie has transitioned into life coaching to better implement changes in people's environments. No matter how much people know about what they 'should' be doing differently, they don't alter their habits without making adjustments in their surroundings and their awareness. Coaching helps lead people to permanent changes by helping them set their own goals and design their own action plans. Please visit Laurie's website for more free nutrition tips, a free monthly newsletter, or more information on coaching, at

5 Tips to Resist Holiday Sweets

If your workplace and friends and neighbors are anything like mine, there are an abundance of treats around to resist for the entire month of December. Clients bring tins of cookies and candies and popcorn to the office; acquaintances drop […]

Good Cholesterol: Where Do I Get It?

We’ve all heard of the evils of cholesterol; the waxy substance clogs our arteries over the years, leading to obstruction of blood flow and subsequent heart attacks! When you have your blood drawn to measure your cholesterol level you can […]

Healthy Fast Food Choices

Healthy Fast Food Choices

Once given the frightening reputation of single-handedly leading the obesity epidemic in this country, clogging arteries in their wake, fast food restaurants have opened their eyes to what (some of) the public wants and made quite successful attempts to modify […]