It seems that in the last decade there has been an explosion of great fashion labels “you-haven’t-heard-of-yet.” And it’s true. I’m amazed on a regular basis by small labels who have been producing incredible style under-the-radar.

You can add Nobis to that list. Nobis was launched in Toronto back in 2007 with a focus on stylish, quality headwear. And they’ve branched out from there. They sent over some product earlier this year from their Spring 2010 collection (Tailored Linen Ball Cap, and some awesome Skinny Ties) and right from the get go I was very impressed with their attention to detail, style, and quality. Got a lot of compliments on the product, and as they have continued to release new gear I’ve been very impressed!

What has impressed me the most about Nobis is that they keep their designs very cutting edge and stylish, yet very functional and practical. It’s innovative but not trendy or faddish. The details (be it straps, buttons, zippers, etc.) are well thought out, the materials are high-quality, and the designs set them apart from other labels by being both unique and mature.

Nobis just released their Fall 2010 Collection and it’s very impressive. Think heavy knits, technical fabrics married with furs (faux), warm linings, and great color and style. It looks right and feels right.

If you haven’t added Nobis to the list of labels on your radar, you should. You can’t go wrong. You can check out all of Nobis’ great products at and over on their Facebook page.

Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy, founder of The Father Life, is an Adventure Athlete, Writer, and Wellness Advocate who used to be obese. You can ask him your questions at He lives in upstate New York with his wife and three daughters.


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