PODCAST #16: Surviving Disaster plus Uber Stix


EPISODE #16! FINALLY! We start with Cade Courtley, host of the new hit Spike TV show, “Surviving Disaster,” talking about how a dad can prepare his family for a disaster… one word: “prepare.” Next we talk with another dad-preneuer! Dane Scarbourough invented a toy that works with Legos, Kinex, Tinker Toys… ANYTHING (even by itself) to enable kids and dads to create COOL machines. Dane’s invention is called “Uber Stix.” the end

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: PODCAST #16: Surviving Disaster plus Uber Stix (24 MB, 9/28/2009)

Mike Austin

Mike Austin is the host of THE FATHER LIFE podcast and the father of six children, four of which were adopted from Poland. Mike & his wife Lisa are also the owners of a radio production company creating custom radio jingles and commercials for advertisers. If you would like to contact Mike about the “Radio Dad” daily feature or radio commercials / jingles, you can e-mail him at mike@radiodad.com.

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