PODCAST #14: Championship Fathering & iPhone Baby Brain


Finally I got around to producing another episode…IT’S SHOW # 14. First a chat with the CEO of The National Center for Fathering, Carey Casey on his book and program, “Championship Fathering.” GOOD STUFF! Then it’s on to another great parenting iPhone APP. called “Baby Brain”. It’s the ‘brain’ child of Jackie Ashton and her husband….ENJOY!

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: PODCAST #14: Championship Fathering & iPhone Baby Brain (16.2 MB, 6/22/2009)

Mike Austin

Mike Austin is the host of THE FATHER LIFE podcast and the father of six children, four of which were adopted from Poland. Mike & his wife Lisa are also the owners of a radio production company creating custom radio jingles and commercials for advertisers. If you would like to contact Mike about the “Radio Dad” daily feature or radio commercials / jingles, you can e-mail him at mike@radiodad.com.

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