PODCAST #6: At-Home Dads, Postpartum Depression

Hey guys! Mike Austin (RadioDAD.com) has been a bit under-the-weather, but just came through with our latest podcast, episode #6! Including:

– An interview about At-Home Dads, and

– Interview with Shoshana Bennett, expert on Postpartum Depression…

Enjoy! -TFL

DOWNLOAD: PODCAST #6: At-Home Dads, Shoshana Bennett Interview re: Post Partum Depression (9.1MB, 12/23/08)

Image by: Jean Scheijen, SXC

Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy, founder of The Father Life, is an Adventure Athlete, Writer, and Wellness Advocate who used to be obese. You can ask him your questions at www.BenMurphyOnline.com. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and three daughters.

1 thought on “PODCAST #6: At-Home Dads, Postpartum Depression

  1. Great stuff Ben.

    I’m a stay at home Dad. Been this way for two years.

    It has helped my boy beyond belief. To not would have scared him for life.

    Hasn’t helped the finances though, I will say.

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