Legos for Father’s Day?

For Father’s Day this year, I received a stack of coupons from each of my children.

Not just any coupons. These were coupons they personally made for me, mostly of chores they are capable of doing that I usually do around the house, or things they know I like from them.

“Good for one car wash.”

“Good for one free back massage.”

And so on.

But my six-year-old son made one that touched me more than all the others…

“Good for one hour of Legos with me.”

What was he saying? “Good for one hour of Dad’s undivided time with me
doing the funnest thing I like to do.”

Now I don’t know how fond of Legos you are, but spending an entire hour of my time assembling small multi-colored plastic blocks into various shapes and structures isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

So I’ve put off redeeming this coupon.

But about once or twice a week, my son asks me if I want to redeem my Legos coupon.

Sooner or later, he’s going to stop asking me, and if that happens, by not redeeming his coupon I will have communicated to him very clearly, whether intentional or not, that:

> Dad is not going to use his coupon to build Legos with me.

Which could lead his six-year-old mind to thinking…

> Dad is not interested in doing fun things with me.

> Dad is not interested in me.

I don’t want to communicate that to my son. Nor do I need to be so busy that I cannot take an hour of my time to do something he really enjoys. If I am, I am too busy… or too selfish. Ouch!

So I am going to redeem my Legos coupon — this week!

And I am going to have a blast with him. Because I love him and want to communicate my love to him with my time and attention.

What is it in your life? What have you put off doing with your kids?
How can you re-affirm your love to them this week?

Remember, our children spell love T-I-M-E.

Image credit: Terry Eaton

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