Introducing Kids To Outdoor Play


A Dad’s Perspective—Introducing Kids To The Outdoors Without Overwhelming Them

I have been amazed at how open kids are to new experiences, especially in the outdoors. Whether it’s a walk down the street, exploring the local park, or going on a boat ride. It’s equally amazing to see how much kids feed off their parents.

I was fortunate to grow up in a rural area of the Northern Oregon coast for the first 5 years of my life. The ocean was a half-mile away, through a brushy forest behind my house. In front of my house was a hill sloping down to a pond. Later, I frequently went hiking, nordic skiing, rafting and waterskiing with my parents. They gave me tremendous free reign and, hard as I tried, I could rarely freak them out, even when perched high in a tree as a 4 year old! I have, in turn, had a blast seeing the natural world through my daughter’s eyes as much as possible.

Many of my friends ask where to start when it comes to introducing kids to outdoor activities.  The answer is simple — start where you are comfortable. The natural world has plenty of potential risks that parents need to recognize and manage in their own way. The place in which your children are exposed to the outdoors seems much less important than the way in which they are exposed. I suggest you seek environments where you, the parent, are most comfortable. This could be a grass field in a city park, feeding the ducks at a pond, or flying down the nearby sled hill. The more you experience the outdoors as a family in ways that Mom and Dad are at ease with, the higher likelihood your children will have fun and gain confidence, leading to a lifelong love of the outdoors.

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