INTRODUCING: Family Gamer Age Awards 2008

Family Gamer Age Awards 2008

We’ve noted that a lot of younger fathers are gamers, but we haven’t really run much gaming content on The Father Life… until now! We’re excited to to pass along two bits of news to all of our dad/gamer/readers…

First, we’re now working with a site out of England called GAME PEOPLE. They started back in 2007 to provide online space for niche video game writers. Since then they’ve “accrued a rag-tag bunch of interesting hacks” who cover games for families, for teens, for fitness, for sport, for racing, for returning and even eclectic gamers. Their writers now contribute to the GamePro network, the Wired Blog, Gamasutra, and a smattering of local newspapers. They have lots of great articles that not only apply to games you play, but also all the games your kids (at any age) might play.

Second, while you’re at it, check out GAMEPEOPLE‘s FAMILY GAMER AGE AWARDS 2008! They don’t score games like most other sites; instead, they provide the information you need to rate them, and than you vote! Check out the link above to see the rankings and cast your vote!

We’re very happy to partner with Game People to run some of their best content on The Father Life each month!

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