Into the Dawn: Road Trip

I just got back from two nights and three days in Reno with my two daughters. My wife stayed back and ‘let us have all the fun’. I’ve spent many a wonderful day and evening alone with my girls, ages 6 and 4, however this did give me cause for trepidation. I figured I could handle it. At least they weren’t in diapers.

On the way to Reno we stopped at an In-n-Out Burger for lunch. Sabrina, the young one, had to use the bathroom. I couldn’t take her in the men’s room so Skylee volunteered to escort her into the women’s. Skylee got a little more than she bargained for because Sabrina is not yet wiping herself and she went number 2. Talking about being a good big sister! Skylee really went above and beyond. Then again, what were the alternatives?

My mother had five kids. She used to take us skiing in Tahoe and my father would stay home. That’s four sons and one daughter versus one Mom. After I had my own kids I had to ask Mom how she managed. “You do what you need to do.” That’s pretty much the philosophy I’ve adopted toward parenthood, especially when it’s just me and the two girls. The way I see things I’ve got it easy.

We stayed at the Circus Circus in Reno and the girls had an awesome time! We watched the circus acts and played circus games for prizes by night, and we went snow sledding during the day. On the second night we stayed up really late watching an in room movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was $10.95 and at checkout I was tempted to tell the clerk that the movie cut out half way through to get the charge removed. As a single guy I enjoyed doing stuff like that. However, with my daughters in tow I held my tongue and paid the bill. That’s another philosophy I’ve embraced as a father.

By the way here is a quick update from my last column. You’ll recall Skylee had a ‘call back’ to be on a television show. As it turned out I think they called almost everyone back. In fact the company that managed the ‘auditions’ offered us acting classes, a portfolio and a two year membership for a measly $2,500. Skylee’s no dummy. She said, “Aren’t they supposed to pay ME for being on television?” That’s what I thought, too.

In retrospect, this would not have been a bad way to launch an acting career, but I’m not sure I want to shove my six year old on the acting fast track. I don’t want her run over. If she really wanted to do it, I would have been behind her; however, the acting thing was more something I wanted her to do than what she wanted. She just wanted the ice cream I was bribing her with. That’s another philosophy I rely on heavily: bribery. Like my Mom said, I do what I need to do.

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