[INTO THE DAWN] My Favorite Miles


Since April 16th I’ve been on a bike riding odyssey, logging all the miles I ride instead of drive this spring and summer. Rather than ride in the morning before work for exercise, like I typically do in the colder, wetter months, I ride during the day from place to place. I ride with my kids to school. Later I ride to work. Sometimes I ride to a client’s house, depending on what we are doing. I ride, and some of the miles going under my wheels have been pleasant. Others have been painful, some particularly so. All of them have been good.

My favorite ride has been the one to school with my two daughters. It can be hectic, as I try to get the girls out of the house and on their bikes before the second bell rings. There have been days that we have been too late and we’ve had to drive just to make it on time. Neither of them likes that option because they are so environmentally conscious. Mostly, though, we’ve been rolling up to Skylee’s second grade class just as the second bell has rung. We’ve been dropping the bikes in front of her class and then I’ve been escorting Sabrina to Kindergarten to get her settled. After which I’ve been bringing the bikes to the rack in the back of the school. Rarely have we had time to put the bikes away before class. That would be too easy.

Yesterday I had another good ride with my daughters, on miles 382 & 383 down to the local outdoor mall and back. They got take-apart erasers. Perhaps you are familiar with these little gems, each in the form of a different object? The elementary school set has been clamoring for them. One of Skylee’s friends owns 64! Yesterday we picked up a ‘new’ one, which Skylee plans to show off to her friend. The boy has been quite proud of his 64 erasers, but now Skylee’s going to be able to show him she’s got the latest and greatest. It’s like a miniature VW bus. Sabrina picked up a pair of squids, one purple the other orange. The whole thing is a little nutty but I can relate to why they like these things. They’re neat. They’re collectable. They’re only $1, that is if you only get one. They may be addictive.

We also stopped at the sporting goods store, forever one of my favorite destinations, and picked up a set of needles for our balls. The volleyball, soccer ball, and football had all been getting low on air, unfortunately more due to neglect than use. Anyway I no longer have an excuse for not bumping around the volleyball with my girls. I think they’re going to like it, but you never know.

Today I’m back on my bike again, doing the commute thing, peddling toward 400. The sun is shining and we’ll be swimming this afternoon. Life is good.

Image credit: Peter Hostermann, SXC

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