If your kid’s toys could talk

If Your Kids' Toys Could Talk

Froggy and Buey have their say: Bubba and Peter’s stuffed animals have become brothers by default

LUDWIG@HOME by Howard LudwigBuey – “Hello, I’m Buey.”

Froggy – “And, I’m Froggy.”

Buey – “I’m a six-inch, teddy bear. I’m also 5-year-old Bubba Ludwig’s favorite stuffed animal.”

Froggy – “And, I’m 4-year-old Peter Ludwig’s favorite stuffed animal. Though, I’m really more of a blanket-animal combo. I have a head and arms, but my body is made of a soft, silky cloth.

Buey – “Indeed. Every night the Ludwig boys take us to bed. This includes overnight trips. Together, we’ve been to four states – Colorado, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.”

Froggy – “I have a hard time remembering an evening spent apart from my pal, Pete.”

Buey – “And, I cannot recall the last time I spent the night without Bub. If you’re familiar with the “Toy Story” movies, we are sort of the Buzz & Woody of the Ludwig Family.”

If Your Kids' Toys Could Talk
Photo Credit: Howard Ludwig

Froggy – “I’d argue that we are both Woody, as I fully expect to be taken to college as I imagine you do too.”

Buey – “Regardless, I thought I’d take this time to offer readers a chance to see the world through our sewn-on eyes. And perhaps share some things they might not otherwise know. For example, did you know that we’re clones?”

Froggy – “That’s right. On a small shelf in the office closet is a box. Inside this box are two freshly cleaned teddy bears and a laundered frog. Mom found these duplicates online, and Dad rotates us in and out as cleanliness dictates.”

Buey – “He also ‘keeps spares’ just in case (gulp) one of us gets lost.”

Froggy – “But so far that hasn’t happened, and I don’t anticipate it will. Pete is rather vigilant.”

Buey – “I’d argue Bubba is even more watchful. He’s 17 months older than Pete. And in my opinion he’s significantly more mature.”

Froggy – “Well, your opinion is wrong. But, let’s move on.”

Buey – “Gladly. Other toys often ask what’s the hardest part about being a ‘favorite,’ and what can they do to move up the ladder?”

Froggy – “As for moving up the ladder, there’s really nothing a toy can do. Bubba and/or Pete are either going to take a shine to you or not. We’re simply lucky. I can only say that if the boys show interest in you, return the favor.”

Buey – “As for challenges, the social pressure of being on the top of the toy box is brutal. All the other toys – and there are many of them – look upon the two of us with both disdain and adoration.”

Froggy – “I believe that this may be worsened by your elitist attitude. But I may be wrong.”

Buey – “You are wrong. In fact, you’re a real dope.”

Froggy – “That’s exactly the sort of response I’d expect from a first-born toy. It’s called amphibian envy. Read a book about it… Oh, I forgot. You can’t read.”

Buey – “You can’t read either!”

“And that’s the other challenge of this whole situation. This frog and I have become brothers by default. Our days are filled with clever insults, hollow threats and angry wrestling matches.”

“We’re best friends, but our allegiances are to different people. We are Democrat and Republican. I’m right. He’s wrong.”

Froggy – “That’s a fair assessment, and when you turn around I’m going to kick you in your plush ass to prove it.”

Buey – “Tough talk from a guy without legs.”

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