Hot Rod Trike & Trailer

You no doubt have heard about the Roddler, the awesome stroller from Kid Kustoms built like a hot rod.  Not that long ago, Kid Kustoms came out with the Trike conversion kit, allowing you to take the world’s coolest stroller and change it into the meanest tricycle on the block (you can also skip the stroller and just order the Trike).

Why the Trike, you ask?  Kid Kustoms’ Jamie Coblentz offers the following explanation: “We want to start appealing to a broad audience that extends beyond infant into toddler…  We like having fun and so do toddlers.”  Makes sense to me!

Now you can really trick out that Trike with a matching Buddy Trailer!  Your tot can tote his or her toys all over town in style.  The press release puts it best:

“With its deep aluminum tub fixed to a single axle and custom billet disk wheels, the Buddy trailer soaks up bumps and handle curbs like is on rails. The aluminum arm clasps securely to the Trike with a functioning ball and hitch and a trick spring back lock so you can load up the tub and have no worries that your buddy will be right behind you.”

What’s not to love?

Coming soon (and we hope to have pictures soon, too!) will be the Buddy Wagon,

“A four wheeled, dropped axle wonder that will let you pull your gear with panache. With options like wood panels, leather bench with seat back, billet handles, license plates and a toolbox, it’s engineered so you can carry the garage to the park and have enough room left to roll junior back home.”

Since my kids are well beyond stroller stage, the Buddy Wagon is right up my alley.  Sounds good enough to take to the local cruise-in car show!

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