From the Editor’s… Wife’s Sister’s Husband’s Parents’ Living Room

What does that make us? Well, that is the question, isn’t it?

Moving on…

Happiness is a lovely thing. I’m currently experiencing much happiness being passed around the room amidst many family and extended family members. The subjects are wide-ranging. The attitude is light. The laughter abounds. This has got to be the best form of therapy… and so much less expensive!

So tuxedo, a banana, and a digital TV walk into a bar… well, it sounds like it could be funny. Maybe I should pitch it to the rest of the family and see what they can do with it!

We’ve got a bunch of good stuff this week, including a way to combine bananas and spinach. Yes, bananas and spinach. We’ve also got an article on the importance of play and a look at digital over-the-air television. Jeff Collins returns as well, weighing the options of a tux or a suit for the men in a wedding party. Enjoy!

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