From the Editor’s… TiBook

It’s short for Titanium Power Book, the laptop that Apple Computer introduced in 2001. It was the first laptop to carry Motorola’s G4 processor and the first Apple laptop to feature the sleek, utilitarian metallic outer shell that is still the trademark look of Mac’s most powerful laptops. With a starting price of $2,599, the TiBook was a status symbol of sorts, carried only by those cool enough and wealthy enough to lay down the cash needed to obtain one of the most advanced computers of its time.

The original TiBook was outdated and discontinued about nine months after it was introduced. Though a Mac laptop will hold its value longer than a PC laptop, the ever-advancing state of microprocessors means that even the venerable TiBook is worth considerably less than $2,599. I’ve always wanted to make the switch to a Mac laptop, and I finally got my chance a few weeks ago when I found an original TiBook on eBay for $112. It’s no longer a status symbol, but I still find satisfaction in using a laptop that looks cool (to me, anyway).

Time has always changed values and perspectives; the Titanium PowerBook is just one rather trite example. Miguel Guadalupe provides us with another more meaningful example in his essay, “A Bouncehouse, a Ball, and a Belated Mother’s Day Thank You.” Jeremy Schneider’s perspective has been changing, too, as he learns about fathering the only way any of us really can: by going through it. His column returns this week with “I Am Their Daddy and Their Daddy Is Me.” Mike Biskup returns, too, with more great ideas for reducing stress, and Christine Malinowski has some delicious strawberry recipes sure to please everyone in your house. It’s all in this week’s The Father Life. And stay tuned… by next week (if not before), we’ll have a preview of this year’s Stanley Cup.

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