From the Editor’s… Sunday Afternoon

There is one purpose for which Sunday afternoons were created, and one purpose only: the Sunday afternoon nap. I’m freshly awakened from one such nap and must say that I can think of no other way that the time could have been better spent. If you have yet to experience this awesome time of rest, I highly recommend it. Put it in your Outlook calendar for next weekend. Make it happen. You’ll be glad you did.

This week’s issue features Jeremy G. Schneider’s monthly column. He tackles one of those issues every father experiences during the early years of toddler-hood: the kids just like mommy more. Or so it seems. You can find his full thoughts in “A Father’s Voice: Second Fiddle.”

We also welcome two new writers this week. Tripper Ryder provides a critical review of, well, critical reviews in “Regarding Bad Music Criticism.” Christine Malinowski serves up a tried and true recipe that lets you experiment… without having to worry too much about messing it up. You’ll find her directions — and thoughts on personalizing cooking — in “The Art of Cooking: Chicken Stir-Fry.”

Until next week,


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