From the Editor’s… Saturday Afternoon

I love Saturday afternoons. I doesn’t really matter what I’m doing or what comes up. I’m still at least 36 hours away from returning to my scheduled, regimented life. So even when a child wakes up from a nap soaked from the waist down from an “accident” (which just happened), it’s no big deal. Doesn’t matter what it may or may not have interrupted. Saturday afternoon is like that.

I also love snuggly kids. After bathing my daughter (the follow up to the aforementioned “accident”), she was ready to just curl up into a ball and be held. There’s nothing quite like the tranquility of holding a snuggly kid.

I love completing a project. This Saturday has been a productive one, and I was able to finish several projects that have been lingering for months. Broken lamps repaired, loose nails taken care of, and laptops restored to working order. All in all, not a bad day.

Putting the finishing touches on another issue of The Father Life feels much the same way. We have another good one this week: Chris Osburn is back to help us start the transition from winter beers to lighter, warmer weather fare. Andy Falk takes a roadtrip, and we welcome Howard Ludwig to TFL with a column on the impact of Star Wars on a toddler. Enjoy!


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