From the Editor’s Long, Long Weekend

You ever have one of those weekends that never seems to end? Why is it that those are never the good weekends? Don’t get me wrong… it wasn’t a bad weekend, per se. I did get a lot done. The days have been long, though, with little sleep in the middle. I’ve spend the past five hours watching overtired kids, and not just my own. We added two friends from church, too. Plus the little girl from across the street. And my wife, my usual partner in crime, has been away at a baby shower. So… I’m just a bit frazzled. The joys of fatherhood, eh?

This week’s The Father Life is our biggest weekly issue yet. We’ve got five (count ’em, 1-2-3-4-5) articles! Howard Ludwig checks in with some surprising information on the chemicals in some plastics. Andy Falk is looking for wisdom in High School Musical. Chris Osburn, a member of Sox Nation living behind enemy lines, finds common ground around a good brew. Sports columnist Dan Mason takes on the controversy surrounded the Beijing Olympics, while Miguel Guadalupe comments on the state of the race for the Democrat nomination. Enjoy it all, and find us on on Facebook to leave your comments!

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