From the Editor’s Last Post

From The Editor’s Desk

Last post?  What?  Rest assured, I’ll still be posting here.  This is just my last post as editor.

I know you were all very concerned. [/sarcasm]

There are some big things happening here at The Father Life, and it’s about time I told you what’s going on.

First up,  Ben Murphy, our Founder/CEO is dropping the /CEO part of his title.  As Founder, he’ll be able to focus  on the “next big thing” and getting new ideas off the launch pad.

To keep the operation of The Father Life running smoothly, I’m moving from Editor-In-Chief to CEO.  While I pick up much of what Ben Murphy has been doing, that still leaves a big hole to be filled at Editor.

We found just the right man for the job in Tyler Wainright, whom many of you are familiar with from his own blog, Building Camelot.  Tyler brings lots of great experience to the table and, as Editor-In-Chief, will help us continue to grow our content base.

Also joining the crew in new positions are Chris Osburn as Sports Editor and Gabe Stampone as Grand Poobah of Social Media.  Chris has been writing for us for a while as a sports contributor and as our beer columnist.  Gabe Stampone has only written one article for us, but we won’t hold that against him!  If you follow us on Twitter or are a fan of us on Facebook, you will likely be interacting with Gabe very soon.

That’s all the changes I have to report for now.  However, here’s a little hint about what’s coming up next week: if you follow us on Twitter or on Facebook, you’ll be getting advanced notice about a great contest that starts Monday.  So don’t waste any time!  Start following today!

Image by: Salva Barbera, SXC

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