From the Editor’s… Futon

Inspired by Howard Ludwig’s lead (see “May the Force Be With You”), we decided to introduce the kids to Star Wars this weekend. We’re pretty picky about what our kids watch, and we’ve managed to go nine years without any of our kids seeing any of the Star Wars movies. We borrowed a copy of the original trilogy (that’s episodes four, five, and six for the uninitiated) and spread them out over the weekend. As I sit here typing, we’ve just finished up the final one. Now, the kids are running around the house reenacting scenes. I’ve been told that I get to be Jabba the Hutt. How flattering.

A good classic is like an old friend–always welcome in your home and always good to reminisce with. In this week’s The Father Life, we’ve got a review of the new release from a band that’s been around long enough you can call their early work classic–R.E.M. We also take an in-depth look at the returning spring classic: the NHL playoffs. Classic food is on the menu, too, with a recipe for some tasty meatloaf guaranteed to please. And, in an article that simply does not fit the theme I’m trying to establish, my family and I review Snapple’s new Antioxidant Water.

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