From the Editor’s Desk Thanksgiving

From The Editor’s Desk

Thanksgiving is here. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Let’s review the news from the past few months:

* The sub-prime mortgage industry collapsed, with widespread foreclosures in tow.
* The stock market crashed.
* Iran’s nuclear program took big steps forward.
* Detroit moved to the brink of bankruptcy.
* We elected a new President – and no matter who won, about half the country was going to be disappointed.
* Russia started flexing its military muscle.
* Unemployment numbers grew larger than they’ve been in recent memory.

And you can probably think of more. The bad news seems to be unending.

In the midst of this, sandwiched somewhere between the sugar-high of Halloween and the credit card max-out of Christmas is Thanksgiving. It’s a little miracle of a holiday that has somehow managed to elude the march of consumerism, something that both surrounding holidays–the devil’s night and the birth of God, respectively–have not been able to do. And it’s exactly the type of miracle I need this year.

Now, my job is not in jeopardy–at least, not yet. And I didn’t have much in the way of investments, anyway. But bad economic news is bad economic news, and it’s bound to trickle down to me sooner or later, just as it has to so many others. But in the midst of this, it’s good for me to be reminded of what I do have.

I have a wife who loves me and who, by her very presence, makes my life better. I have four kids who keep my life interesting. We, as a family, have our health. We have each other. I have an extended family who are always there when I need them (and who, as I type this, are gathered in my home for the holiday). I have a faith that sustains me even in the darkest of times.

Beyond that, I do have my job, a place to live, food on the table, good friends, and it’s football season (Go Bills!). That’s a lot to be thankful for. And that’s why I’m glad Thanksgiving is here. I needed a reminder to reflect on the good that I have in my life–not the bad that dominates the headlines.

Ben Martin is Editor-In-Chief of THE FATHER LIFE. He lives with his wife and four children in the Rochester, NY, area.

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