From the Editor’s Tabula Rasa

Turning over a new leaf. Getting a fresh start. Starting with a clean slate. Out with the old, in with the new. Change is good.

After a little more than a year of The Father Life as a website, you are now witnessing history in the making, reading the very first week’s content through the lens of our new web interface, which I affectionately refer to as The Father Life 3.0.

We started, way back in January 2007, as more of a web-delivered magazine. A PDF file with a cover page, pages numbers, cool layouts, even ads. It was hip. It was fresh. It was also not exactly user-friendly, especially in a media landscape that is increasingly built on clicking links and vertically-scrolling pages.

So to a more traditional web model we went, with the second issue of The Father Life posting articles directly to the website, where you could not only read them, but they could also be indexed by search engines. Ah, the wonders of the Google. The website served us well, accommodating our move from a quarterly to a monthly to a weekly publication. But as our readership and content grew, so grew our need to be a fully functioning part of Web 2.0. Article comments? Social networking? It was time to take a look at moving to a better way of doing things.

Thus was born The Father Life 3.0. The Men’s Magazine For Today’s Dads is now published on a flexible, expandable foundation (thanks, WordPress!). And, in true Web 2.0 fashion, we’ve added social networking, too. So click around and see what you can find. Leave some comments. And tell a friend. There’s plenty of The Father Life for everyone!

Image by: Salva Barbera, SXC

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