From the Editor’s Desk Pigskin Party

From The Editor’s Desk

Football is back. Yes, football is back. Mmmm. Football.

Yes, I know that the first official game of the season was last Thursday, but it was Sunday afternoon when it really sank in. Game after game after game. Solid football from 1 PM until midnight. That’s the way Sunday is supposed to be. And it’s not just me.

My kids love football. On Sunday, I could sense that their universe seemed to just be making more sense. They gathered in front of the TV. The cheered on their favorites… for one, the Bears; for another, the Colts; for yet another, the Bills. Team apparel, long relegated to the bottom of the dresser drawer, suddenly appeared.

For us, family time just naturally happens around football games. We all gather together and enjoy the experience. We don’t need to schedule it or make an effort to do it. Football just brings out the best in us, I guess!

I should probably try to find a way to duplicate that experience after the NFL season ends… but I don’t have to worry about that until February!

Ben Martin is Editor-In-Chief of THE FATHER LIFE. He lives with his wife and four children in the Rochester, NY, area.

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