From the Editor’s… Bed

Believe me, this is nowhere near as racy as that title sounds. I’m just putting the finishing touches on this week’s The Father Life, and it’s late. The kids are all nestled safely in their beds, and I’ve tucked myself in my bedroom in hopes of joining them in dreamland soon.

I hope to bring you a little something in this space every week. I was going to call this “From the Editor’s Desk,” but it dawned on me that I rarely am at my desk when I’m composing anything. Couch, counter, table, bed… any number of places. Desk? Not likely. So here I am, writing to you from the editor’s bed.

As I type away on my generic Dell laptop, I’m drooling over this week’s cover story, the MacBook Air review. Man, oh man. A MacBook Air. What I wouldn’t give… Seriously, though, click on over there and check it out. The author, Gabe, knows his stuff.

There’s also a piece by Tim Myers on the benefits of being home with your kids. I’m really getting to dig into that experience this week. My lovely wife has been out of town since Thursday–not a common experience in our household–and I’ve been doing the “at home dad” thing as a result. She’s gone ’till Wednesday evening. I’m not worried about the housework… I’ve stayed on top of that (more or less). And the kids seem to have adjusted, for the most part. Sure, they miss their mom. My seven year old girl, Grace, is especially sensitive on that note. She’s had a moment every day where she really, really misses her mom. But we’ve gotten through it, and they all know she’s coming back soon. The toughest part for me is not having her here at the end of the day. For both of us, no matter how long or how bad the day, knowing that we have each other when we finally reach the end of the day is something that provides a great deal of comfort. Right now, though, I reach the end of the day and… it’s just me. Frankly, it sucks. I’d be awful as a single parent and worse as a bachelor. Probably would end up in a mental institution.

There is a positive side, though, to this time. I’ve gotten to spend a lot more time with my kids! I can’t say that “I’ve gotten to know them better.” I think I knew them pretty well as it was. But those extra moments where I can kid around with my nine year old, Emma, or have a heart-to-heart with Grace, or feel the pride that beams from my six year old boy, Benjie, when he knows he’s done something right, those moments are gold. And then there’s Callie, my little two year old daughter with the carefree curls in her wispy hair. When she reaches to hug you tight and gives you that smile that says “I’m so glad you’re mine,” well, that is something that will get you through a whole lot of crying, screaming, teasing, whining, and everything else that goes on in a house full of kids.

And speaking of kids… we’ve also got another installment of “The Accidental Parent” by Michael Stusser. Well worth the reading, as always.

Until next week,


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