From the Editor’s… Bed

My two oldest daughters aren’t home tonight. They’re at a sleepover, leaving us with just our two youngest. I don’t recall this ever happening before. It certainly is a different experience. Our house hasn’t a night with just two kids in almost six years. While I wouldn’t trade my four kids for anything, I must say this “two kid” experience is worth going back to once in a while!

The house is quieter. That’s the first thing I notice. Things like dinner clean-up and bedtime go a lot faster, too. I think the biggest difference, though, is seeing the two youngest–an almost six-year-old boy and an almost three-year-old girl–in a world where there is no other competition for attention.

They don’t act differently. They’re just the way the always are, but with two fewer people to draw the attention of myself and my wife, everything they do just seems amplified. My boy, who is always loud, seems louder. My daughter, who always tries to be the one in charge, seems that much more in control. It was fun to spend time with them when I could focus more on the unique qualities that make them who they are. Did I learn anything new? No, but we did have a good time!

This week’s issue is packed with reviews. We’ve got a review of Iron Man by Miguel Guadalupe, a review of Madonna’s new album by Joseph Hollins, and a review of SIRIUS Backseat TV by Josh Kincaide. We also have an excellent installment in the “Accidental Parent” series from Michael Stusser, and, for those of you who are musically inclined, some free advice from Stephen Press on which songs should be covered… and which ones should be left alone.

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