[FROM THE EDITOR] Yet Another Story About 2010

2010 is here and well under way.  School is ramping back up, resolutions are already being broken, and every media outlet is trying to provide answers to your questions about the new year.

The Father Life is no different, in many respects.  Today we published a look at careers in 2010; we have other “new year” articles that have been and will be published.  And yet…

As much as we follow the same patterns and cycles driven by the fixed events of the calendar, The Father Life strives to be different.  There are a million other websites you could visit and countless magazines you could pick up to read in our stead.  With all of those choices at our own fingertips, however, we were unable to find something that spoke to the unique situation of today’s fathers: men who are equally passionate about fatherhood and, well, being a man.  And so we created The Father Life to be the missing piece, the choice we were looking for but could not find, the men’s magazine for today’s dads.

Our commitment to you, as fresh in 2010 as it was when we started in 2007, is to be the something different that you are looking for.  We will strive to make your time here worthwhile.  We will strive to bring you information of interest and stories that inspire as you continue to work hard, play hard, and father hard.  We’re going through it with you, and we intend to enjoy the ride.

For 2010 and beyond,

Ben Martin

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