FRIDAY ROUND-UP: Kids on the Web, Mr. T., Minivans + More!

Another week down, trick-or-treating just around the corner, hope life is treating you well! Here’s our weekly round-up of fathering news from the web; enjoy, and have a great weekend! -TFL

Dad-o-Matic‘s Chris Brogan started the post Kids on the Web, and has some good points on getting involved early with your kids being on the web. Definitely pop on over and add to the discussion…

Remember Mr. T?

Well, the fine folk over at Sweet Juniper scored an unused, vintage Mr. T. Coloring Book. Why does this make our fathering round-up? Because it’s cool and I’m jealous. Check out their rewrite of the captions…

Can you do chin-ups? Yeah, me neither. Chris Lopez drops by DiscoveringDad with Fitness For Dads – Part 3: Chin-Ups. Watch and learn.

MetroDad talks about How We’re Raising a Nation of Pussies. And, I can’t help but agree. Here’s an excerpt…

“Last week, I was at daycare with the Peanut when an older boy came over and grabbed a toy out of the Peanut’s hand. When she kindly asked for it back, the boy pushed her. The Peanut then turned to the boy and said, “Please don’t push me. I don’t like being pushed.”

The boy’s mother witnessed the whole thing and gently admonished her son, saying that it wasn’t nice to push one’s friends. What does the kid do? He hits the Peanut and pushes her again! Before the boy’s mother can do anything, I calmly turn to my daughter and say, “You know what to do, kiddo.”

The Peanut immediately runs up to the boy and shoves him so hard, he falls down on the ground. Predictably, he starts bawling his ass off. The mother looks at me with shock and yells at me, “how can you tell your daughter to push my child?”

I calmly reply, “My daughter very politely asked your son to stop pushing her. You yourself told him to stop pushing her. And what does your son do? Not only does he push her again but he also hit her. Do you think your way was working?”

At this point, I turn to the boy and say, “Are you ever going to push the Peanut again?”

Still choking back tears and clinging to his mother, he says “No. Never.”

Last, but not least, SuburbanDaddy asks Where Are The Dads With Minivans?


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